The Training Process for ABME Licensure

Licensed Body Mapping Educator
A Licensed Body Mapping Educator has fulfilled all requirements of the licensure process of

the Association of Body Mapping Educators, comprising:

  • Demonstrating a thorough understanding of Body Mapping

  • Teaching “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” (“WEM” or “The Course”) to the licensure standard

  • Assimilating concepts into one’s teaching and playing/performing.

Training Expenses

Affiliate Membership 



Trainee Membership 



Training Materials



Access to training manuals and ABME proprietary images

Pre-Trial Course Teaching Review

$125/ first 2 hours viewing & commentary

$80/hour after the first two hours if needed to complete review

As needed

Trial Course (Base Rate**)



$1000 paid directly to Primary Sponsoring Teacher

$125 each to two STs reviewing part 6

**if additional submissions of Part Six are required, $125 will be charged for each additional review until level is met.

LBME Membership



Other Expenses

Body Mapping books

WEM Courses - fees to attend WEM courses, check individual course listings for pricing

Lessons with LBME Members to work on teaching or assimilation of concepts into playing

Body Mapping Zoom Sessions with Sponsoring Teachers 

Five Steps to Becoming a Licensed Body Mapping Educator (LBME)

Step 1: Become an Affiliate member. 

Affiliate membership is the first step in pursuing licensure as a Body Mapping Educator. 

As an Affiliate, get to know Body Mapping by working with LBMEs to establish a broad base of knowledge and experience. ABME webinars, ABME newsletters, Professional Development opportunities, the Idea Forum, Members Only Facebook group, lessons with LBMEs, and biennial conferences provide valuable ways to learn and grow.

Immerse yourself in Body Mapping concepts, the language, and teaching.  

  1. Guide your learning using the ABME Licensure Trainee Readiness Rubric.pdf.

  2. Develop an understanding of the historical context for the work of the Association for Body Mapping Education by learning about the history of somatic pedagogy and music education.

  3. Study Body Mapping books & video

    • “Move Well, Avoid Injury” (video) by Barbara Conable and Amy Likar, digital download

    • How to Learn the Alexander Technique: A Manual for Students by Barbara Conable and William Conable (GIA)  

    • Library of Body Mapping books.

  4. Attend a minimum of one complete WEM course given by a Licensed Body Mapping Educator. (Note: Before licensure is granted, a candidate must attend a second complete WEM course for a total of two prior to licensure.) *

  5. Work with Licensed Body Mapping Educators, licensed for a minimum of three years in private and group lessons and workshops.*

  6. Engage in independent, self-structured study, including:

  • Read and assimilate concepts from Body Mapping books

  • Learn the practical anatomy of The WEM Course

  • Progress sufficiently towards an accurate and adequate body map of oneself

  • Incorporate Body Mapping principles into practicing, performing, and teaching

7. Observe live and recorded performances to train one’s eyes with regard to musicians’ movement.

8. Explore the practical application of Body Mapping concepts in both your teaching and playing. 

*Document all lessons and courses in your lesson/course log (suggested document here) for future inclusion in your Licensure Trainee Application. 

Step 2: Moving To Licensure Trainee Status 

Affiliates who are least 21 years of age and have shown significant progress toward completing the guidelines by scoring a minimum of 36 on the ABME Licensure Trainee Readiness Rubric.pdf and have a recommendation from an LBME with whom they have studied are ready to apply for the Licensure Trainee phase of training.  

Application Process For Licensure Trainee Status

  1. APPLICATION: Complete the Licensure Trainee Application on 
    • Log into Wild Apricot
    • Go to "View Profile" on the right hand side.  
    • Change your status from "Affiliate" to "Licensure Trainee Application."
    • Complete the application questions that are now visible.
    • Read and agree to abide by the Association of Body Mapping Education ABME Code of Ethics.
  2. RECOMMENDATION: Request an LBME, who has been licensed for a minimum of 3 years and is familiar with your progress, to complete and submit the Licensure Trainee Recommendation Form
  3. RESUME/CV: Submit a current resume/CV in PDF form electronically to
  4. Upon acceptance of Licensure Trainee Application, applicant will be invoiced at $400.00 Training Materials fee. 
    1. Upon receipt of payment, your membership status will be changed to Licensure Trainee. You will receive access to Training Manuals and Images through
    2. Select a primary Sponsoring Teacher who will guide your training and review your trial course. If a Sponsoring Teacher is not chosen, one will be assigned.
    3.  Maintain membership with annual dues to the Association for Body Mapping Education at the Licensure Trainee rate.

Step 3: Prepare To Present Your Trial Course

  • Maintain regular contact with your primary Sponsoring Teacher throughout the licensure process. 

  • Agree upon a schedule with your primary Sponsoring Teacher.

  • Study the ABME Training Manuals.

  • Practice utilizing Body Mapping language and concepts in your teaching.

    • Body Mapping Zoom Sessions for Affiliates and Trainees are a great way to fine-tune your Part Six teaching. Watch for announcements in the Idea Forum, private Facebook group, and in newsletters.

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the principles of The Course with your own instrument to the satisfaction of your primary Sponsoring Teacher.

  • Use the ABME Training Manuals to develop visual aids appropriate for teaching The Course for your circumstances, to the satisfaction of the primary Sponsoring Teacher.

  • Prior to submitting a Trial Course, Trainees may seek review of any hour of their trial course at the cost of $125.  This fee includes up to two hours of viewing and commentary. This can include consultation by phone or video call. 

  • Upon completion of the above items, you are ready to present a complete six-part What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body Trial Course.

  • NOTE: Trainees may not teach The Course publicly in its entirety until they have met all qualifications for Licensed Body Mapping Educator.

Step 4: Present Your Trial Course

  • Agree on a time frame for presenting/submitting sections 1-5 of your Trial Course with your Sponsoring Teacher.  This includes the time required for review and a reasonable date when feedback can be expected. Time frame is generally one to two months, but may be more depending on the schedule of the Sponsoring Teacher.

  • Trainees may not charge a participant fee for the Trial Course and must advertise as such.

  • Trial Courses may be reviewed in person or through a digital format or other agreed-upon electronic submission of the Trial Course for review by the Sponsoring Teacher.

  • When parts 1-5 of your Trial Course are approved, you will be asked to submit one hour of teaching to be evaluated by two additional Sponsoring Teachers. 

    • If this part of the Course was done as part of the Trial Course, your Sponsoring Teacher will share the recording with two additional Sponsoring Teachers. This represents the Part Six of the Course, masterclass teaching. 
    • A masterclass setting for these lessons is preferred, but it is acceptable to submit Body Mapping lessons that have occurred at a different time.

    Teaching Part Six - Individual/Masterclass Coaching

    1. A minimum of two lessons and a maximum of four lessons must be given during Part Six of the Trail Course. Part Six may also include addressing questions from the group or group oriented integration exercises, such as constructive rest, but a minimum of two lessons is required.

    2. Lessons may be submitted by video file, or in person.

      • If the lesson is submitted via video, it must first be sent to the primary Sponsoring Teacher. It may have already been submitted with the Trial Course, but must be approved before it can be sent to additional Sponsoring Teachers.

      1. You may be asked to redo a lesson if the Sponsoring Teachers feel it would benefit you to have more practice and guidance in teaching one-on-one lessons. This is a normal part of the Training process and is intended to promote a high level of confidence in the Trainee before you are licensed. 

      2. Comments by the additional teachers will be sent to the primary Sponsoring Teacher so that a consensus can be reached for approval of this part of the process.

      3. If the primary Sponsoring Teacher views and approves the lessons as part of the trial course, then the videos are submitted to two additional sponsoring teachers at a rate of $125 per hour for the first two hours of viewing and commentary, and $80 per hour, prorated, thereafter. The primary Sponsoring Teacher will only charge this fee if the lessons must be resubmitted.

      4. Your primary Sponsoring Teacher is solely responsible for communicating the final decision as well as all feedback to you.

      Step 5: Completing the Licensure Process

      • When three Sponsoring Teachers agree that Licensure candidate has met the qualifications for licensure, including approval of both the Trial Course and masterclass teaching, and all outstanding invoices are paid, the Trainee may enter into a License Agreement with the Association for Body Mapping Education. ABME licensing agreement.pdf

      • The primary Sponsoring Teacher will send the License Agreement to the newly Licensed Body Mapping Educator. Sign and return the License Agreement to the ABME Training Administrator. 

      • Upon receipt of the signed License Agreement, a License Certificate will be sent along with directions to set up a Teacher Page on and email.

      Trial Course Fees:

      1. $1,000 payable to the primary Sponsoring Teacher for review of the Course in person or via digital download. Sponsoring Teachers bill Trainees directly for Course review. Trainees make payments directly to Sponsoring Teachers.

      2. Transportation, food and lodging for the Sponsoring Teacher if the ST is travelling to attend a live course. To be agreed upon in advance.

      3. $250 ($125 x 2 each) to two additional Sponsoring Teachers for review of Part Six of Trail Course.**

      4. Annual dues to ABME at the Licensed Body Mapping Educator rate. This rate entitles LBMEs to licensure and a teacher page on in addition to member benefits.

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